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School Communications Toolkit

Thank you for your interest in myNILpay. We strive to provide school administrators and athletics departments with the best tools and resources to utilize the platform and maximize opportunities for student-athletes to leverage their NIL rights.

The myNILpay communications toolkit offers a variety of information and templates to help understand the platform and make it work for your school, student-athletes, alumni and fans. New resources will be continuously added to this page and we welcome suggestions for any additional materials that would be beneficial.


Please reach out with any questions or requests at

Start using the 'Venmo of NIL' to direct-pay student-athletes

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What is myNILpay?

myNILpay is a first-of-its-kind software platform that allows any fan an NCAA-compliant method to direct-pay college student-athletes.

In exchange for the payment to the athlete, the fan will receive a unique digital asset featuring the athlete’s name and digital signature.  By digitally signing the asset, the athlete has fulfilled the NCAA quid-pro-quo requirement and does not need to take any other action.

myNILpay is a new way for your alumni and fans to engage with student athletes like they have not been able to before.

myNILpay will donate 10% of all net profits on payments made to your student athletes to the athlete school Athletic Fund.

Our Founder and CEO, Brent Chapman, explains myNILpay

Communication Templates

Click the link below to access email templates for you to send to your student athletes and alumni:


Letter for School to send to Athletes: Text for email

Letter for School to send to Alumni: Text for email


Handout for Athletes and Alumni: Email attachment

Slide to be included to School NIL decks: PowerPoint | PDF

Website Templates

We encourage to post on your athletic department webpage your support of myNILpay and to inform your student athletes and alumni of this alternate NIL monetization platform.

Website Banner: Full banner | Box banner | Vertical banner


myNILpay Logo: Full logo | Crown-only logo 

Information Technology Requirements

Please inform your IT department to WHITELIST emails

Many states have enacted legislation that prohibits universities from adopting or enforcing a policy or limitation that prevents student-athletes from earning compensation for the use of that student’s name, image or likeness (“NIL”). EMAILS FROM MYNILPAY TO UNIVERSITY STUDENT-ATHLETES CONTAIN FORMAL OFFERS TO EARN NIL-RELATED COMPENSATION. Please ensure that all emails from are (1) delivered to student-athletes, and (2) not blocked, filtered or flagged as spam on university servers. 

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