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Letter for Schools to send to Alumni

Please use the template below as you feel appropriate:


We want to introduce you to a new and exciting platform to support our student-athletes. myNILpay allows you to direct-pay our student-athletes through a taxable, trackable transaction that is compliant with NCAA rules. It’s all done on an app, making it a turnkey and safe way to make direct NIL payments.
All of our student-athletes are pre-loaded, providing you an opportunity to directly-support any athlete or team with the click of a button. As an added bonus, myNILpay will donate 10% of net-profits back to our school’s official Athletic Fund. 
And it’s easy for the student-athlete. The fan will receive a unique digital asset featuring the athletes name and signature.  By digitally signing the asset, the athlete fulfills the NCAA quid-pro-quo requirement and does not need to take any other action.
Download the myNILpay app from the app store or google play store and try it out today. And then let your friends, family and fellow alumni know there is a new way they can directly support our teams and players. 

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