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Letter for Schools to send to Athletes

Please use the template below as you feel appropriate:


We have an exciting, new NIL platform to share. myNILpay allows fans and alumni to direct-pay you and other college athletes through a smartphone app. Payments received through myNILpay are safe, taxable, trackable and compliant with NCAA rules.

Once you’ve accepted the payment, there is no other action required. The fan will receive a unique digital asset (NFT) featuring your name and digital signature. By digitally signing the asset, you have fulfilled the NCAA quid-pro-quo requirement. It is an easy, turnkey way to leverage your NIL rights and maximize your earnings opportunity while in school.  
To get started, download the myNILpay app from the app store or google play store and sign-up. Then let your friends, family, fans, and social media followers know there is a new way they can support you.

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