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myNILpay and Saints March On Announce Partnership


myNILpay and Saints March On Announce Partnership to Enhance Financial Support for Siena College Student-Athletes

Revolutionary new platform allows any supporter of Saints athletics to send money directly to student-athletes through NIL rights

Albany, NY (July 18, 2023)myNILpay, the first-ever digital platform that allows fans to pay NCAA student-athletes directly and compliantly, today announced a partnership with Saints March On to enhance access to Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) opportunities for Siena College student-athletes. This first-of-its-kind collaboration will support the Siena’s NIL Collective in its mission to help Saints athletes maximize the power of NIL and build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

myNILpay is a patent-pending platform that allows college sports fans to directly pay student-athletes through a seamless, NCAA-compliant method leveraging their NIL rights. Utilizing this ground-breaking platform, Saints March On is encouraging its alumni and fans to support Siena College student-athletes through myNILpay.

"By partnering with myNILpay, we will increase NIL earning prospects for Siena student-athletes,” said Frank Ambrose, Co-Founder of Saints March On. “The commitment and dedication of every individual who competes for Siena is immensely valued and now we have a unique way to acknowledge their worth like never before through this innovative platform. It also continues Siena’s innovation and drive to be one of the very best mid-major programs in the country.”

To support Siena College student-athletes through myNILpay, fans can download the platform’s app on their mobile devices. Every NCAA-registered Saints athlete is in the database and can be supported by simply entering the amount of money to send. An email is sent directly to the student-athlete’s school email to accept the funds, which are deposited directly into their linked bank account. Upon receipt, the fan will receive a unique digital asset featuring the athlete’s name and digital signature to complete the transaction in compliance with the NCAA quid pro quo requirement. No additional action is needed for the student-athlete.

"myNILpay creates access for all college athletes to monetize their NIL rights and this partnership will boost opportunities for Siena’s student-athletes,” said Brent Chapman, CEO of myNILpay. “Saints March On represents the exciting growth of NIL prospects among mid-major institutions and we are thrilled to help it empower student-athletes to maximize NIL opportunities in the Capital Region and beyond.”

Since launching in May, myNILpay has assisted student-athletes across all NCAA divisions to monetize their NIL rights directly through the support of college sports fans and school alumni. To begin supporting Siena student-athletes, download the myNILpay app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or visit

About myNILpay

myNILpay is the first-ever digital platform that allows fans to pay NCAA student-athletes directly and compliantly. The disruptive payment platform for college athletes allows any fan a NCAA-compliant method to seamlessly fund any of the 500,000+ NCAA student-athletes from over 1,000 schools across all levels (D-I, D-II and D-III), sports and genders through their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) rights. Download the app to directly support student-athletes by visiting

About Saints March On

Saints March On was formed to empower student-athletes to maximize all the endeavors they undertake while here in the Capital Region, both on-and-off the court. The alumni and fans that support Saints March On are supporting our student-athletes and helping them leverage the power of their name, image and likeness (“NIL”) to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

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