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‘First-of-its-kind’ digital platform for fans to direct-pay all student athletes

myNILpay is a disruptive payment platform for NCAA athletes, that allows any fan a NCAA compliant method to direct-pay NCAA student-athletes. All 1,000+ schools and 500,000+ NCAA athletes, providing an opportunity for athletes at all levels (D1-D2-D3) and all sports and all genders to monetize their Name, Image, and Likeness (N.I.L.).

myNILpay is available now

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How it works

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It's that easy

After the athlete has established their digital signature and use of their name on the unique digital asset, they don't need to do anything other than accept the payments.  No minimum tweet requirement, coaching a clinic, promoting a brand, making an appearance or anything else. 

How It Works

Complies with NCAA requirements

In exchange for the payment, the fan will receive a unique digital asset featuring the athletes name and digital signature.  By digitally signing the asset, the athlete has fulfilled the NCAA quid-pro-quo requirement and does not need to take any other action. The Fair-Market-Value of the digital asset is what the fan and athlete agree on.


myNILpay is available now!

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